A Lesson on Discrimination: A Class Divided

"Cultural racism is racism that is so much a part of the mainstream culture that it looks 'normal.' It outlives any single individual and pervades the thinking, speech, and actions of whole groups of people. In the English language, for example, many of our positive definitions and connotations of the word white and negative connotations of the word black reinforce notions of white superiority and black inferiority." Source: Burgest, 1973, cited in Frances Kendall, Diversity in the Classroom, 1996)
Lesson plans, information and activities:
When the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in April 1968, Jane Elliott taught her third-grade class a daring lesson in discrimination. The third time she taught the lesson, cameras were present. Elliott divides her class into two groups — those with blue eyes and those with brown eyes — and discriminates against those with brown eyes.

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